You will receive $150 bonus for every new Referred Member


The Zapo Concept – Invest in Your Future

Zapo Group, a closed corporation (registration in progress), is Member Owned. Every member, upon being vested, will be a shareholder and participate in the growth of the Zapo Business Group.

Your opportunity to be a part of it.  Zapo is for people:
A: Interested in Crypto’s and a Wealth Building opportunity
B: Limited funds to find a solid entry opportunity
C: No Time in managing/trading Crypto currencies
D: No Time in managing/trading Precious Metals (Q4)
E: No Risk – Money Back with guaranteed earnings growth
F: Become a Shareholder and participate in all Revenue sources, OR
G: Start with small amounts and build your assets over time

The Zapo strategy is designed to create wealth growth using a variety of Internet based services and Crypto Currency/Precious Metals trading for the benefits of its Members.  Zapo Group is your Solution to increase value of assets and Capture the Crypto Currency World from a whole new perspective.  Read the “How to Join and FAQ” page.

Zapo Crypto Pool

Zapo Members will receive benefits generated through multiple sources, such as issue of Zapo VCC in the Zapo Pool,  as well as company share certificates with future value, growth sharing, to benefit vested members.

Zapo Cash Opportunity

Have you heard about – “DISRUPTIVE”
It is used as a descriptor of anything that totally changes the old rules. ZapoCash is disruptive to the traditional way of opportunities, with the guarantee that the Partiicipant does not lose their initial payment!

Zapo VCC Opportunity

ZapoVCC is Zapo’s Private Offer to participate in the growth of the Company. Member contribution starts at $250 for 25,000 Zapo VCC.  The raised funds will further increase the growth value of all Zapo assets.

Zapo Business Directory

Zapo Business Directory, a Zapo managed Directory for all businesses. places and individuals who accept Crypto Currencies.  Build on a mobile responsive framework with IOS and Android App, and Affiliate opportunity.

Zapo Casino

Zapo Casino – Every Zapo Member receives Lifetime access to play favored Casino games.  The Zapo Crypto Casino offers Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, a Crypto Coins and a Standard version of Slot games. At the end of each month the top winning members will receive an allocation of Crypto Currencies.

Zapo Future

Zapo future plans include incorporating the business as a Closed Corporation, adding a P2P Member Lending and P2P exchange platform, a Directory listing for businesses who accept Crypto Currencies , and more

Key Features

Establishing a Digital Identity (Zapo) and Digital Assets (Zapo VCC), benefiting all Members.

The Zapo Group strategy is uniquely designed in form that every Vested Member is also Owner/Shareholder and participates in ALL REVENUE SOURCES.

The Zapo Pools:
Zapo Crypto Currencies Trading Pool and Zapo Gold/Silver Pool (will activate soon)
Member contributions are placed in the Zapo Pool to grow over time the assets with active managed trading. All contribution are posted in the Member’s Zapo Wallet “Transaction Log” and converted into Zapo VCC, with an equal value.

The Zapo VCC  (Zapo Virtual Credit Certificate) is a unique concept with an initial value of $0.01 and a guaranteed value increase of a minimum set as double increase over three years. The Zapo VCC offer will be issued in multiple stages, which can be converted in full value Zapo Shareholder Certificates with all benefits when qualified.

The Zapo Group represents multiple Internet based services (Zapo Crypto Trading Pool, Zapo Gold/Silver Trading Pool (coming Q4), Zapo Wallet, Zapo Casino, Zapo Classified, Zapo Directory, Zapo Crypto Chart, and more), giving our Members the benefits of participating in the company revenue growth with exceptional returns.

The Zapo Casino offers favored Casino games, like Roulette, Video Poker, Slots, BlackJack. Players get Lifetime access for a one-time VCC purchase. Every month Rewards are paid in Crypto Currency.

Privacy Focused Crypto Currency Zapo Wallet system, with stealth mode security. Member option to place their own Crypto Currencies in a secured Zapo Vault
Benefits system to grow wealth assets for every Member.

Money won’t last forever — that is guaranteed

It didn’t exist when exchange evolved to become a feature of humanities first economic system, nor will it persist when there is no advantage to using it. That time is approaching far quicker than traditionalists care to admit.

That is what those who carelessly brandish Cryto Currency a bubble fail to comprehend. Money doesn’t care what you think. It is simply a means of exchange. When it’s utility is replaced by something more efficient it will become extinct. Right now it is a protected species with a few purists trying to revive it. Unfortunately, the poachers are pulling down each pillar which underpinned the system one by one.

Soon it will fall. Read more HERE!