Two options to Join and FAQs

1. Join via our Zapo VCC Offer  with minimum $250 for 25,000 VCC (growth earnings guarantee). Accumulate over time with added contribution sufficient value in your portfolio to become eligible to be vested as a shareholder in the company (optional choice).

2. If you are interested to join Zapo as Shareholder directly, requires a minimum initial contribution of $1.500 in VCC purchases. To become a vested Partner, your account profile must include a completed KYC form . If your request as partner/shareholder is not accepted by the Founder Member board, your contribution will be returned in full, or allocated into the ZapoPool upon your request.

3. Founder Position: contact US for details and availability (minimum $10,000)

MUST READ - Terms to Join & Refund Policy

By joining via the ZapoVCC offer page and submitting your payment, you explicitly agree and confirm, that you have read and understand about Zapo Group.

1. You understand that you are joining the Zapo Group as a future partner/owner and/or future Shareholder (upon completion of incorporation) and based on your initial partner contribution, or to participate in one or more of the services operated by the Zapo Group. You understand that this Private Membership Offer (ZapoVCC) to to participate, and/or to become partner in the Zapo Group will include restrictions of cashing out, as it is common SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Private and Public companies during the initial lock-up period. Some funds will be used in some of the services offered by the Zapo Group, and the balance will be placed in the Zapo Pool for trading purposes and maximizing future earning profits, as well as into the marketing pool to enhance Zapo Businesses and Services.  Details about all Zapo is available in the FAQ Tabs below.  Since every contribution are immediately allocated as described, there is no refund available under any circumstances or reason.  (Exception as stated above #2)

2. You will receive access to your Zapo VCC account, which is your wallet account to present your financial assets,  as well as several company owned websites, presenting valuable services for all Partners to use and participate.  Some associated Internet businesses are with reduced rates. Any usage of those services are totally optional.

3. You may add additional contributions using the ZapoVCC  system to increase your own earning potential. You understand that contributions in the ZapoVCC offer are allocated into several income generating strategies and the Zapo Pools, which are used for active trading to grow the asset base and can be redeemed as outlined in the Redemption schedule (FAQ).

4. Upon completion of the incorporation, (which will be a closed corporation), you will receive your Share Certificates based on your participation contributions and your vested status. Additional ZapoVCC purchases and contributions will increase your ownership and increase your earnings potential.

5. You confirm that you have read all FAQ points below and understand the Zapo Group concept.



Vault Placement

Vault placement available for Zapo Members who own Crypto Coins.

Zapo Group is oriented to your highest privacy needs with its Crypto Currencies Wallets with stealth mode security. All Crypto coins we purchase for the Zapo Pool and are for holding, are immediately placed in cold storage – non-accessible online.

We are currently able to store 80+ different Crypto Coins, from BTC, BCH, ETH, Ripple, Litecoin to lesser known like Augur, Stellar, Ox, and many more.  If you own Crypto Coins and are not trading regularly, it is not recommended to leave your Crypto Coins with Exchanges (there are enough articles why not).

To deposit Crypto within our Vaults, contact us with details, which coin and the amount.  We will then issue a Deposit / Receive Coin specific ID number.

1. There is a one-time administrative fee of $100 (can be deducted from coin transfer or paid via separate invoice)
2. You must have a ZapoVCC registered account with completed KYC information

3. A minimum of 40% of the transferred Crypto coins will be placed into the Zapo Pool, to increase trading and the value of all Zapo assets.  As a depositor into the Zapo Pool you will receive into your wallet an equal value of Zapo VCC for future redemption based on the dollar value of such placement with our guarantee to at least double your value during first three years (read redemption period in FAQ).  As such Depositor placement into the Zapo Pool with a value of $1,000 or more, you are also automatically eligible to become a partner/shareholder with the Zapo Group and will participate in the growth of assets and revenues. It is optional to become shareholder.

4. It is optional to become shareholder. You would receive shares in the Zapo Group corporation, based on the value of your contribution amount in the Zapo Pool.

5. Your coins placed into the Vault are YOUR property and can be withdrawn/transferred at any time (Blockchain transfer fees are applied without any extra fees by Zapo).

EX: You transfer 20,000 Ripple to the Zapo Vault.
12,000 Ripple will be your property and can be withdrawn at any time.
8,000 Ripple will be placed in the Zapo Pool for trading, to increase the assets.
You will receive into your ZapoVCC account an entry for the equal value of those 8,000 Ripple,
as example using the date of deposit value $0.40 per 1 Ripple.
total for 8,000 Ripple would be $3,200
You will receive into your wallet therefore 320,000 Zapo VCC (each never less than $0.01 for future redemption)
whereas the Zapo VCC could have a future multiple value far above the $0.01.
Your VCC in your wallet will have our minimum growth earnings guarantee.

When you are ready to store your Crypto Currency assets safe and secure,
and have any question, contact us.